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4 reasons we believe all of the best casinos accept eCheck

4 reasons we believe all of the best casinos accept eCheck

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Even the mere suggestion of what makes a specific type of casino better than another is a hotly debated topic among casino gamers. With so many online casinos that do more than enough to satisfy and exceed people’s basic expectations, elements such as the emergence of a unique payment method or a handful of new games can make all the difference. Below, we look at some of the reasons we believe all the best casinos accept eCheck and why the introduction has been a welcome one for those who use it for everyday financial transactions. 

What is an eCheck and how do they work?

Like Apple Pay, Google Pay and digital e-wallets, an eCheck is a modern version of a tried and tested payment method. Although cheques might be one of the oldest and most traditional payment systems, and started to become phased out even before the internet began to take hold in finance, there has been a resurgence thanks to eCheck.

Instead of taking your physical cheque to a branch and waiting 3-5 business days for it to clear and become available on your bank balance, eCheck technology scans the stub and cheque number. It typically makes the money available within a matter of minutes. Now that an old method has been given a new lease of life thanks to the internet and smartphone technology, it has resulted in more people using it. As with any digital payment approach, the whole idea is to provide a method that cuts down the length of time and issues people have with other systems. If a new payment can provide a suitable alternative, then bettors will aim to use it or at least see what it has to offer. 

1. Choice

Any good digital casino focuses on the choices it gives its new and existing customers. While new payment methods like eChecks are just one weapon in the arsenal of a top gambling provider, it’s essential to realize what the consistent implementation of new ideas actually symbolizes. 

We believe the top casinos accept eChecks because they have a culture of looking for new options and ways to enhance the industry. These are casinos that are looking ahead rather than focusing on the challenges or achievements of the past. By consistently striving to provide better service, casinos can open up the world of gaming to bettors who prefer to use these secondary payment systems. This results in a culture where the needs and demands of all customers are treated more equally rather than just opting for the most popular payment route. 

888 Casino, Jackpot City Casino and Ruby Fortune Casino are just three of around a dozen top eCheck casinos Canada bettors can dive into. Not only do they have a great selection of games to choose from, but by allowing you to truly browse the entire scope of payment methods, customer service and gaming options, these three casinos stand out from the rest and take the idea of choice into other areas of their platform. 

Various gaming options, from virtual poker and roulette to live games such as blackjack and casino minigames, are other strong considerations these casinos all have in abundance. By making full use of depositing via eCheck and having the ability to choose which payment method you prefer, there’s a more comprehensive package you can sample. 

2. Digital adjustments

Even though the online casino has long been able to adapt to the changing digital landscape, by continually aiming for new payment systems, casinos can adjust to how consumer behavior develops, leading to innovations in other areas too. When casinos accept new payment systems, whether it is eCheck deposits or cryptocurrency, they also explore other areas in a bid to maximize their customer reach. 

Mobile app betting platforms are the best example of how a change in demand has resulted in a shift in casinos’ approach to tailoring their service. Adjusting to follow the same route with fresh payment systems like eCheck shows a clear direction and an appetite to assist those who want to explore the latest technology as they gamble.

3. It signals a long-term strategy

It would be disingenuous to suggest that some casino companies are simply looking to make a quick buck off the current positivity within the industry. However, when so much money is at stake, rogue agents emerge, looking to capitalize on the demand and profit in the short term without focusing on any effective long-term strategy. 

By not just offering a range of payment options but a number of niche ones that don’t have anywhere near the same coverage as more traditional routes, it shows that there’s a vision for the medium term and long term. If a casino only has a handful of basic options, has recently set up or doesn’t have a number of strong licensing agreements listed on its home page, these can all be signals that the casino isn’t entirely up to the standard of some of the others we mentioned in our previous section, including 888 Casino, Jackpot City Casino and Ruby Fortune Casino.

A long-term strategy then supports a better advertising model, and game designers working closer with the business, knowing that they’re looking to consolidate their position in the industry, are all positive factors. By delving deeper into eCheck being accepted, we begin to see why the best casinos strive for new horizons and develop a working environment where creativity is encouraged. 

4. Fair approach to gaming

If you prefer to use alternate payment methods, the best casinos will endeavor to make you feel welcome on their site and will not discriminate against you for using your payment method. While some casinos will simply have a handful of basic, conventional options, they sometimes unintentionally leave out a pathway for those who don’t adhere to traditional payment methods. 

Not everybody uses credit cards, PayPal or other highly popular options, so allowing a market where everybody can play and there’s no discrimination results in a better, fairer approach to gaming. No casino will intentionally shut the doors on customers. However, the best eCheck casinos, such as Sports Interaction, Yukon Gold, Royal Vegas and others mentioned earlier make it their mission to provide all the available options and leave nobody behind. 


An inclusive and fair approach to casino gaming can manifest in many ways, but payment methods are one of the most universal and obvious, so this is another sign of a positive culture within the business. We believe all the best casinos accept eCheck because it indicates they are fair, provide a range of options and believe in inclusivity. It’s not just the fact they’re offering an avenue for customers to use eCheck, but by providing these options, there’s an underlying level of respect. 

Despite the saturation within the market, it is small approaches like this that don’t go unnoticed by gambling customers, especially ones who understand the market and have used multiple providers over several years. While it’s not the only prerequisite, allowing eCheck and other niche payment methods is a sign that the provider has their eyes on the bigger picture and not just short-term profits.

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