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Train Wreck Brewing Co. will open in Port Moody, St. Johns

Train Wreck Brewing Co. will open in Port Moody, St. Johns

Published by Leonardo Calcagno

Port Moody is anticipates the opening of Train Wreck Brewing Co. in early 2024, occupying the space previously held by Fraser Mills Fermentation Co. The new brewery addresses a gap in Port Moody’s craft beer landscape.

Train Wreck Brewing Co. is currently transforming, with a teaser on Instagram hinting at an opening in the next few weeks.

The brewery emerged after Fraser Mills faced bankruptcy in September, seizing assets as part of insolvency proceedings. Fraser Mills, which began in 2020, encountered challenges adapting to COVID-19 restrictions, ultimately succumbing to operational difficulties.

Train Wreck Brewing Co. enters the scene during a period of flux in Metro Vancouver’s craft beer scene, marked by ownership changes, closures, and rebranding efforts. The broader industry faces economic challenges, with calls for policy updates to support small brewers, especially concerning excise tax relief and more lenient loan repayment terms. While acknowledging the recent hardships, industry experts express optimism about stabilization and recovery, hoping for a turnaround in the brewing sector.

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