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Victoria Beer Week marks its 10th year | March 1 to 9 2024

Victoria Beer Week marks its 10th year | March 1 to 9 2024

Published by Leonardo Calcagno

Victoria Beer Week marks its 10th year, celebrating craft beer’s growth on Vancouver Island. Started in 2013, the festival, led by “Beer Director” Joe Wiebe, has played a pivotal role in promoting craft beer culture.

The 2024 edition, running from March 1 to 9, features 20+ breweries, showcasing the evolution of craft beer in the region. With events like Cask Night and Pucker Up dedicated to sour beers, Beer Week reflects the industry’s diversity and innovation.

Craft beers now hold over 30% of the market in British Columbia, signaling a shift in consumer preferences towards unique, flavorful experiences. The festival’s success is evident in its expanding popularity, culminating in a ‘Birthday Bash’ on March 9 at the old Victoria Press Building. Beer Week continues to contribute to the rich tapestry of craft beer appreciation, offering a platform for exploration and enjoyment.

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