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Playlist x Baronmag: 39 Tracks | FEBRUARY 2024 | #1

Playlist x Baronmag: 39 Tracks | FEBRUARY 2024 | #1

Published by Leonardo Calcagno

Aline Chappuis | Soeurs

The Sum | 2B Alive

Olivier Faubert | Pour ne pas mourir en hiver

Chuck Roehm | Love Will Survive

Jeremiaah | Good Morning to You

Petite-Vallée | Vivant

Rick and Sarah Blasi | She’s Gone Too Far

Jimmy Mallia | Cover Me

Totten Bridge | Moving On

SHIV | Wastin’ Time

KREGG | Way Down

Daria | Eesti Muld ja Eesti Süda

fleabustiers | Sinking Ship (Single from the new Album)

Luqman | GIFTED

RoBB!EMaC | !! Wa$TiNG TiME

Derrick Love | My Therapist

Isaackito | MAKE IT RAIN

Sophie Sciboz | Approche un peu

Alexis Defraire | Suis-moi

Beach Ready | The Infinite Possibilities of the Impossible (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Jean Claude | Astronautes

Gray Days | Break me into pieces

Tenuta Mocajé | Dengel

Thomas Valverde | Sideral Love Song

Andrea Ponti | Les chansons d’amour

Stuee Singh | Spiritual Sharabi

Mark J Soler | Manigance Pt.2 Adagio

Steve Creep and the Wildcards | Wind Me Up

Dj H Chimist | Spina World

Zarah Westhouse | With an Iron Heart

ALBA | Le contrat

Chancy Squire | In Love Again (Radio Edit)

Victory Day | Instincts

André Fernandez | Never Let You Go


King August  | Me, You & Him

Tom Webber | THIS TIME

GARZ | Grand piano

Atémi | Trop souvent

Thomas Charlie Pedersen | Coarse Rasp of Yore

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