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The Sleekest Design Trends Homeowners Are Adding in 2024

The Sleekest Design Trends Homeowners Are Adding in 2024

Published by Leonardo Calcagno

Find out about the latest design trends that homeowners are incorporating in 2024. Interior and exterior design have their fashion trends, but homeowners should be choosy about which elements they decide to pursue.

Home renovations are something that you live with for years. Even if you’re looking to refresh the inside or outside of your home soon, wait until you find a trend that you vibe with.

Adapting to Existing Landscapes

In the past, a lot of landscapers saw homeowners seeking a blank slate when it came to their backyards. They’d excavate most of it out and start all over.

One growing trend is major landscaping projects that use the existing topography and environment to create a beautiful outdoor landscape. Homeowners are also trying to keep more of the natural features that already exist, like trees, shrubs, and plants, and add around them.

It’s a more holistic approach to landscape design and one that preserves the charms homeowners first fell in love with.

Outdoor Living

One of the big trends that’s lasted for several years now is the emphasis on outdoor living. In 2020, people learned to love their own backyards with stay-at-home orders issued, and that appreciation for the outdoors-at-home hasn’t gone anywhere.

People look to their own backyards now more than ever for entertaining, relaxing, and making the most of warm weather. They’re installing backyard pools, decks, fire pits, outdoor kitchens, and more to capitalize on the outdoor features of their homes.

According to Green Side Up Contracting, the key to successful outdoor renovations starts with the design. Make sure your project has the help of an architect or engineer and is fully rendered by your contractor before they put shovels in the ground.

Large Artwork

Big and bold are common themes in the latest interior design trends. People are showing off their homes again and want their personality and taste to shine when they do.

When it comes to wall art, people are bringing the gallery home. Small, neatly contained prints and paintings are giving way to much bigger statement pieces.

Glass Brick

Glass brick is making a comeback. While these materials were most commonly used in bathrooms and showers in the ’80s and ’90s, today, glass bricks are showing up in tables, tiles, and floors, working its way into living rooms and other living spaces.

Stripes and Geometric Patterns

Stripes can feel like an over-the-top design choice, and that’s the appeal. People are looking for bold, fresh patterns. According to designer Heidi Caillier in Vogue, it’s a design choice that feels traditional yet fresh and modern.

High-contrast patterns can be a great look on tiles around an outdoor pool, or they can bring personality and style to the bathroom.

Yellow Hues

When it comes colourful accents in places that tend toward the monochrome (think the kitchen and pantry), yellow has become the on-trend way to add some warmth and spice to a space. Yellow also works very well in spaces that get a lot of natural light, such as on the deck or in sunrooms.

Find the latest trends that speak to you to refresh your home and give it a more modern look and feel.