The 3P Clock of Robocut and Baron


Last September, Baron revealed Lily, a handmade wood espresso cup by Milan. Baron continues the experience and collaborates with Robocut this time, a Montréal design studio and digital fabrication to create the 3P clock.


Robocut is a company that offers digital manufacturing services to designers, architects, advertising agencies and artists. It usually specializes in manufacturing accessories, decorations, products and works on installations or sculptures. Robocut uses technologies such as digital laser cutting and 3D printing to produce complex objects. This year, the company decided to start design products, which has spawned a series of jewelry for the company Boris & Doris and a mirror ping pong paddle. Q & A with owner Philippe Savard.

Baron: Why choose to make clock?
Philippe Savard: For our first product, we wanted to start with a series of everyday objects that are practical. A clock, it was found that it allowed us the freedom regarding the form. It was also a joke between us, when we thought it was time that we start to manufacture our products after several years of designing for others.

B.: Can you explain the process behind the design of the clock?
P. S.: We decided to make a super simple form (cube) as a starting point and tried to make it interesting, hence the idea of a trompe-l’œil in the design. We wanted the style to be modern, while using a material not too "hi -tech". We wanted to stay in our element using a material that represents us and by using a mixture of automated and manual processes for the production techniques.


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