Market Collective : Calgary arts and craft marketplace


From the 5th until the 21st of December 2014, Market Collective is back for 3 weekends at the Chinese Culture Center in Calgary. Since 2008, they've been showcasing great local artists, artisans, designers and musicians. Interview with co-founder Angel Guerra.

Market Collective?
Market Collective is an independent artist market that was created in 2008 by Angela Dione and myself. MC exists to promote local arts and culture, and to engage and empower our community towards positive growth. At each event we have a collection of artists, musicians, DJs and food vendors as well as a ton of interactive displays, art installations and a photobooth.

How much has it changed since the beginning?
Market Collective has definitely grown a lot since it’s conception. During our first event we had about 500 people attend, and in September 2014 we hosted the MC 6-Year anniversary and saw approximately 14000 attendees.


We have watched the popularity of MC grow over the years and we have also had the privilege of watching both the artists and musicians grow in their artistic practices.

However, one thing that hasn’t changed is our mission statement and dedication to support local artists. From the initial concept, the MC has stayed very true to our primary passion – Community building, social entrepreneurship, and creating a platform for the creative culture to thrive.

What should we expect this year?
We have been thinking a lot about the ways in which we want to grow in 2015, and what that growth will entail. As always, we try to stay focused on keeping the MC as sustainable as possible. With this, we try to reach the highest standard of environmental responsibility and social responsibility. We also aim to create systems within the MC that would be easily transferrable if we ever need to pass it on to someone else. This year, we would like to add some new members to the MC team, and we are continually looking for a bigger space to hold our events.

But overall – you should really just expect that this upcoming year is going to RULE!