Top business trends to be aware of in 2017

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With eCommerce revenues continuing to skyrocket and online technologies facilitating innovative new marketing technologies, there’s never been a better time to be in business.

But what are they key trends to be aware of to make sure that your company survives the often turbulent world of digital business operations in 2017?

Green-friendly businesses

We’re increasingly seeing ‘green issues’ being a core part of many brand’s promotional message. From a wave of trendy health foodstuffs like quinoa and goji berries, to Van’s vegan training shoes, it seems that these issues are a big part of what makes some consumers click the check-out button.

So whilst some businesses may have been viewed as being big contributors to our planet’s ills, it seems that we can all reverse this trend by providing green goods for a more ecologically aware audience.

Millennial trends

In line with this is an awareness of many businesses who try to make their promotional strategies a little more millennial-aware. Obviously, this tactic needs a little more skill than just using the latest buzzwords and slang, as there are plenty of examples of millennial marketing gone very wrong!

But a key part of this strategy is to make sure that all smartphone considerations are taken care of as millennials are invariably turning away from mainstream media content in favor of apps like Snapchat, Instagram, and YouTube.

So whether this is hosting a Q&A session for your brand via live streaming on Instagram or even learning from Lucky Nugget Casino whose online casino games cater to Android devices, it’s all about being aware of the needs of this new demographic.

Influencer marketing

One of the biggest trends to hit the business world recently is influencer marketing. And this looks to continue throughout 2017 as brands seek to find individuals to casually promote their product through to their social media channels’ followers.

Again, it can take a bit of care to ensure that this tactic doesn’t backfire. But vloggers like Lilly Singh have emerged from nowhere to becoming key players in the business world thanks to their smart ability to use new media technologies like YouTube to reach massive audiences.

And the great thing is that whether you’re running a fashion blog or an online casino site, there are plenty of cool resources like Scrunch that can help you find the perfect individual to help your brand flourish in 2017!