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Three innovative online casino gaming features you should know about

Three innovative online casino gaming features you should know about

Published by BARONMAG

The past decade has witnessed plenty of innovation happening in the online casino industry. You can sign up with an online casino from a mobile phone, a tablet PC or a desktop within a minute and start spinning the reels (for real money) in a jiffy!

Top rated online casino establishments are going all out to incorporate the latest technological features into their platforms. Popular online casino game developers like Playtech, Microgaming, NetEnt etc. have also stepped up their game and are offering cutting-edge technologies in terms of gameplay, graphics, and design to casino lovers everywhere. The innovative slot machines you see at all top-level Microgaming-powered casinos is an excellent example of this.

Let’s now take you over the three innovative features that have defined the online casinos of the present times.

Progressive jackpots

Online slots with a progressive jackpot feature have been an incredibly exciting innovation over the past one decade. In these slots, the progressive jackpot is essentially an accumulative cash prize pot which is fed by all players of the slot game from different parts of the world. A progressive jackpot can swell up to huge amounts over a period of time if it isn’t claimed/won by anyone.

The jackpot can be won by any player if he/she is successful in beating the bonus game. What really takes the cake is that you can win life-changing sums by playing progressive jackpots.

Everyone has heard of titles like Mega Fortune, Mega Moolah etc. that have made many millionaires throughout the world.

Live dealer casinos

Online casinos that offer live dealer feature in their casino games have brought a whole new level of immersive experience for the online casino gamers. Such live dealer games enable players to feel as if they’re actually sitting inside a real land-based casino. On the whole, it’s a very thrilling experience for people who’re normally unable to visit physical casino destinations.

Actual dealers are broadcasted to various display mediums such as desktop computers, mobile phones, tablet PCs etc., in HD quality, incorporating a much-needed human aspect in the online casino environment. Almost all the top-rated online casinos offer some type of live dealer gaming these days.

Mobile casinos

Despite the fact that online gambling started out with personal computers, the rapid rise in the number of smartphone users throughout the world, combined with technological advancements, have enabled casino players to now carry their favorite online casino games anywhere they like and play them from anywhere they want. Here’s why online casino games have become so popular over the years.

Online casino game developers didn’t waste any time in lapping up new technologies and offer much faster casino games to players nowadays. They redesigned casino games to utilize the small-sized- screens to the maximum, enabling players to spin slot machines with just a single touch.

The emergence of mobile gambling has also spawned an era of mobile gambling applications, and standalone gambling apps that can be directly downloaded and used on any compatible device or smartphone.