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How Antabuse Disulfiram Helped Me Quit Alcohol

How Antabuse Disulfiram Helped Me Quit Alcohol

Published by BARONMAG

Whoever invented alcohol must have been a genius; you take it and you are on top of the world. However, with continued use, you develop a strong dependency, which eventually graduates to addiction. Yes, addiction; you become an addict. Many alcoholics never acknowledge the fact that they are addicted to the brown bottle. In fact, the moment you start lying about your drinking escapades, then you are on your way to addiction and that’s why The Holistic Sanctuary can help. Here are some common symptoms of addiction:

Denial: When you become so defensive; you were not drinking, you are not drunk and you are being accused falsely.

Being defensive: You need to feel high or better, possibly to relieve yourself from some kind of stressful happenings.

Regular blackout: The moment you start drinking to stupor regularly, then you are being an alcohol dependent.

One too many: Sometimes, you start drinking claiming you just need one for the road, only to take one too many to till the wee hours of the morning.

Risking for a drink: You can’t resist a bottle or a beer or a glass of whiskey irrespective of the situation. If you start sneaking alcohol into the office and drinking during work hours.

Being irresponsible: You will neglect your family, run away from responsibilities, and start being broke for everything else, save for your alcohol.

There are many red signs of alcoholism, and the best thing that you can do in such circumstances is to watch out and do the right thing; manage your drinking. Alcoholism is a serious problem of society. Marriages have been broken because of this disease. One of the most important things to bear in mind is that there is always a solution to most of these problems. Today, there are quite a number of drugs that can help you quit the brown bottle. Antabuse Disulfiram will forever be my favorite because it saved my

My journey with alcoholism

I was introduced to alcohol while in college. I come from a strict Christian family and our house was a no-go zone for anything alcoholic. I grew under the watchful eyes of my parents, who emphasized the need to follow the teachings of the Holy Book and be a good role model to others in society. Well, I used to believe but curiosity might be the mother of innovation or disaster. When I joined the college at the age of 18 to study economics, I didn’t know how to relate with other classmates who appeared happier, attending parties every weekend, and hanging out with beautiful girls on the campus.

On Saturday, my roommate nagged me into attending a birthday party that would be the beginning of my transformation from a committed Christian teenager to an alcoholic. By the time I was done with my college degree (I managed somehow), alcohol was my best friend. I got a job, and after a few years managed to marry and get a son. However, the situation worsened because I still preferred alcohol to anything under the sun, including my family. I was fired from five different jobs and things worsened when I was left by my wife plus our kid.

Counseling sessions

I knew my life was a wreck. However, I blamed everyone for seeing only my bad side and not being caring enough. Honestly, there was no justification for drinking; just having a good time with friends until you blackout. On weekends, I would drink from Friday straight to Sunday or Monday morning. One of my friends advised me to seek help because my life was in tatters. Despite numerous counseling sessions, I still fell back to drinking. One day, while surfing the Internet, I bumped into Antabuse Disulfiram from meds4sure for the first time, a drug that claimed to help those struggling to recover from alcoholism. And that is how my life changed for the best.

What is Antabuse Disulfiram?

Antabuse Disulfiram is a drug that is designed to help those struggling with alcoholism, a common societal problem. It works by blocking enzymes that trigger alcohol intake. Its mechanisms are a bit complicated, but from my experience, I quit because of the side effects it caused me whenever I took alcohol. The drug works best when combined with other therapies, such as psychotherapy, counseling, and behavior change. Note that it doesn’t treat alcoholism, but helps in managing the condition.

Date with a doctor

When I walked into the doctor, a former year mate was glad to see me. I told her about my tribulations and she promised to help me. During this session, she explained how the drug works and asked if I had taken any other medicines such as Paraldehyde or Metronidazole, the foods I had consumed, the last time I took alcohol, and such like. In fact, I had already taken a glass of whiskey before heading to the clinic.

The doctor accepted to prescribe the drug to me, but was advised to strictly stay away from alcohol during the treatment and at least 14 days after stopping the medicine. Of course, there was no way I was going to manage a whole month without alcohol. Excited, I took the first dose immediately after leaving her clinic. Worst mistake ever. After a few hours, I experienced serious side effects; I could barely breath, my face, tongue, and throat were swelling, and had serious hives. I couldn’t even look in the mirror. I quickly called the doctor, who rushed to the house to find me miserable. I confessed to taking alcohol before and after taking the drug. She looked at me and warned against ever trying that again if I loved my life.

Being alcohol-free

To cut the long story short, I managed to finish the dose, defy the cravings for beer and after 30 days of not drinking, I was sure that I had been saved from alcoholism. The drug has a serious reaction to alcohol and therefore anything connected with it, i.e. cologne or aftershaves, thus these should be avoided during the period of use. While there are other side effects (find out from the doctor), I didn’t experience most of them. I learned to substitute alcohol with tea or coffee, and today, it has been three years of an entirely alcohol-free body. My family came back and I was recently promoted at work. I owe it all to my doctor and Antabuse Disulfiram.