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Tips in Choosing the Best Condo in Downtown Seattle

Tips in Choosing the Best Condo in Downtown Seattle

Published by Programme B

Downtown Seattle is known as the birthplace of the world-famous Starbucks coffee, and home to iconic places like the Pike Place Market. This metropolis is a grand city to behold. 

With the growing number of Seattleites in the city, residential areas like a Luxury condo in Downtown Seattle is also booming. These condos are a perfect match with the city’s splendid standards and mighty skyscrapers. 

Now, if you are new in Seattle or looking for a new place to move to, finding the perfect residence can be tough. With the hundreds of condos and apartments, you can choose from, seeking the right home can take up a lot of your time. 

Luckily, with today’s technology, you can easily click away online to find the perfect room for you. The challenge here is deciding which room you are going to pick. To help you decide on your new home, here are a few tips in selecting the best condo in Downtown Seattle:


You may want to live in an apartment instead since it’s cheaper than a condo. Right now, the average rent in  Seattle is between $1,249 and $1,964.

You need to consider how much you are willing to spend on your new place. Buying your condo is not cheap. Still, its price would depend on the size and location of the property, including the pieces of furniture and amenities it has to offer. 

Carefully evaluate the selling price of the unit you are eyeing, or ask an expert if it is the right move. However, if you have the money to spare, choosing a Luxury condo in Downtown Seattle would be a fantastic idea.

Undoubtedly, not only will your room look better because of its magnificent view, but the amenities that come with it are also better than other places. 


Where precisely in Downtown Seattle is the condo you are looking at located, and does it suit your needs? With a booming economy, the bustling business districts of Seattle is brimming with workers, and more often than not, so are the transit systems and highways. 

The smartest move would be to find a condo that is near your work and other establishments like restaurants, public markets, and transit systems. 

You would also want a place located in a friendly neighborhood to ensure that you are living in a safe environment. Ideally, look for a condo that is in a well-developed area.

Security and Other Vital Features

People usually choose to live in condos for one thing, and that is the strict security that comes with it. 

Unlike living in houses or apartments, condos have stricter security systems and are usually heavily guarded for the residents’ protection. Know everything you could about their security and how it functions, and compare it with others. 

On top of this, find out what facilities they offer residents. Is there a pool, gym, a mini-park, or even a mini playground for little kids? Weigh the features and costs, and see if it is worth buying.

Your View

You are going to spend thousands and sometimes even millions on a condo unit, so aside from a stylish flat, you might as well have a great, if not perfect, view of Downtown Seattle. 

Even though this metropolis is one of the oldest cities in the United States, it is also one of the most developed and modern, so choose a room that will capture Seattle’s beauty. This way, you will be able to open your window and see a fantastic view of your choosing. If there are no condos available that would meet your view requirements, you might consider going with a pre-construction condo, and buying a new condo in Toronto that will have that breathtaking view.

Aside from these four, there are a lot of other things to consider when purchasing a condo in Downtown Seattle, but ensuring that you got these four covered will help in making sure that you select the right condo for your needs and style.

Photo by Amanda Grove from Pexels