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Are Land-based Businesses Losing a Battle with Their Online Counterparts?

Are Land-based Businesses Losing a Battle with Their Online Counterparts?

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There is a different charm when it comes to land-based businesses and their online counterparts. There is at least a place where people can decide to go and experience the atmosphere they are comfortable with. Land-based business allows people to experience an atmosphere where they can have direct contact with a real live dealer as they enjoy the whole excitement of gambling. Their online counterparts, however, have great advantages as they allow their players to enjoy a wide selection of games wherever they are at any time. Many differences between the two businesses can be revealed and we can’t decide which one has an advantage over the other because all of them have pros and cons and that both of them have players who enjoy play games on their platforms.

What are the differences between land-based businesses and their online counterparts?

In terms of convenience, the online casinos carry the day simply because players on this platform can enjoy laying games at their convenient places and at any time. On the other hand, playing games on the real casino is a wonderful and entertaining experience, but it is not a convenient thing to spend a night out because you want to enjoy playing games at a real casino.

It is quite easy to learn how to play new games that you have no clue about on online casinos than it is when on land-based. It is highly risky trying to learn a new game on land-based as a first-timer player. You might end up losing all of your money even without grasping anything. With online casinos, it is easy because some online casinos offer free games whereby players can try out their lack before they can decide to deposit cash and play. Such free games can be helpful when you want to learn how to play a new game.

Players who like utilizing free casino bonuses and promotions will prefer playing games  online other than land-based. Bonuses and promotions offered on land-based are not frequent as those offered on online casinos. They are simply hard to be accessed as they aren’t so regular. There is a wider range of games offered by online casinos compared land-based that you might find very limited games because the space is limited too. To state an example, Dreamz, a Canadian online casino operator, offer over 1500 casino games. A number a land-based casino can’t come close to.

The best thing that is in land-based (real life) casinos is that players feel the real atmosphere of the original casinos. Most of modern real life casinos have been designed to fit the palaces which bring in a sense of style and luxury. Besides, players have an opportunity to socialize physically with new members at the table. There is also a real human element who interacts with real human players and this makes it a real casino experience different from online casino.

The two businesses therefore operate on two different principles and both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. This therefore makes each of the businesses special in its way and suited to fit a different occasion and situations in gambling industry.

The battle between the land-based and online businesses

Few years back before dreams came true in the gambling industry, it was real life preparations a player had to make before he/she could make up to the gambling hall to play games in a real life situation. It was however an excitement event and experience that would continue to shade memories some days after the event. The land-based expanded its market some few years later and they popped up in different geographical locations but that later led to the introduction of the internet based casinos. This changed the way of gambling with so much innovations experienced which are still being experienced every day. The online casino business is now at its peak with new of them surfacing each and every day with different features.

For many years the real life business has taken control of gambling industry until there was the technical advancements in technology brought the casino in an online gaming experience. This has therefore made it possible for players to play while in their living rooms or on their journey, anywhere and at any time without minding your dressing code or other organizational details.

Is it the beginning of online business and the end of land based business?

The online casino is a business that is thriving at a very high speed in gambling industry. This is because there are a lot of advantages that make it penetrate the industry. What makes it unique in its own compared to the land-based is that it is highly accessible, convenient and time-saving way of gambling.

However, the struggle between the two forms of gambling continues with the land-based having the strongest pillars in the market of gambling as compared to online casinos. Even though it is believed that the brick-and-mortar business is poised to throw in the towel, the fight will not be an easy one. The Golden Nugget Atlantic City is what shows that this battle is not coming to an end anytime soon. The Golden Nugget Atlantic City has set an example for making it the first ever casino to give real money live online dealer from the roulette. There is much creativity and vision has made it possible for players now to have the same experience at their home. This is indeed a battle that is not going to end as it is hopeful that others will follow the same example of the Golden Nugget Atlantic City and fight online casinos.

Wrap up

With differences between the online and land-based businesses, the battle between these two giants could only end only if they decide to go hand in hand. There is however a high demand in the current and upcoming generation who are not familiar with the old-skull way of gambling. The current world is filled with a lot of technology that goes hand in hand with the current and upcoming and the two giants can overcome their fight if they join hands together and bring something greater.

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