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Best WordPress Design Predictions for 2020

Best WordPress Design Predictions for 2020

Published by Programme B

Designs and themes for websites adjust and change based on new technologies, the needs of the user, or the whim of the web designer. WordPress is especially useful to bloggers and the like for the versatility allowed to creators and fans of themes for their websites. Though WordPress offers paid options for the blogs, the free versions also grant a great deal of customization. As much as bloggers and web designers might like to build their sites based only on their preferences, there are other needs that need to be taken into account. The biggest of these is the ease of use for people visiting the blog. Obviously, a difficult to navigate blog is a blog with severely reduced traffic, so it doesn’t matter how pretty the site is if people can’t use it.

Another issue when it comes to blog design and layout is the trends of the times. Just like fashion and other media, themes and designs for websites are beholden to the fickle trends of those in the field. Understanding those trends and being able to design and set up layouts with them in mind is a good step for any WordPress blog operator.

Artificial Intelligence

One major trend, and possibly an entire game-changer for blog design and humanity in general, is the increasing use and usability of Artificial Intelligence. For decades’ scientists have been working on ways to get AI to function properly and effectively without causing the robot revolution. Though hasty implementation can cause more harm than good, some sources make note that over 75% of companies are utilizing AI in some form in their systems. 

When properly programmed and implemented, AI is great for fast and easy data analysis on a massive scale, which is always a plus for examining blog demographic and traffic data. It can also be used to automate daily processes and the more tedious but necessary duties that keep a blog flowing, like queuing posts or moderating comments for spammers.


Virtual Reality

In a related field, virtual reality is becoming easier and more versatile as technology advances, and, more importantly, becomes cheaper and more widely available. VR is still somewhat of a niche, but with advancing technology and lower costs it is becoming easier to use. The main benefit for VR besides the obvious Not Safe for Work implementations is visual media. VR is designed for visualization, so blogs that focus on such media can easily benefit from trends in VR.


Chatbots and Live Chat Systems

For more direct communication with a blog’s audience, chatbots and live chat systems are definitely in high demand these days. More than just pandemic problems, digital chatting programs allow for faster, more direct communication between collaborators and bloggers with their fans. Chatbots may not be ideal for the personal touch, but they can help with traffic and handling followers. In an increasingly digital and virtual world, instant communication is always a plus.

Multipurpose Themes

On the subject of themes, multipurpose themes are a growing trend with WordPress. Theme customization is already a major draw for using WordPress as the base for blogs. Adding the versatility and even further customization of multipurpose themes will quickly separate older blogs from those that are adapting with the times.

Block Themes

On the more technical side, blocks are fast becoming a new web design tool. Blocks and block directories are becoming a new trend in blogging. WordPress recognizes this and has included block themes along with their other theme designs. Block themes might seem involved for a blog and web design, but it is a growing trend and thus worth looking into at the very least. Knowing the trends doesn’t necessarily mean following them. Sometimes just knowing about them so you can keep an eye on the competition is enough.


With blocks on the rise, it might not be a surprise that minimalism is overall becoming a fast trend. Streamlining and ease of use are fast taking precedence over flashier and more involved blog designs and themes. This makes sense since the point of a site is to garner a lot of views, likes, follows, and the like. It can be hard to do that with a clunky or really involved site that takes more effort to peruse than an easier one to navigate.

Handmade Design

Conversely, at least at first thought, though minimalism is one trend, more custom handmade artwork and design is another trending theme. Then again, handmade doesn’t have to be elaborate, and it’s not uncommon for competing trends to exist at any given time. What a blog does and how it interacts with its material and audience can play a big part in what trends that blog follows or utilizes to ensure the best viewership and interaction possible. The big downside to the handmade design is the need for greater design skills beyond the tools of WordPress.


Another more intricate design choice that is gaining ground is the increased use of 3D. Advances in technology and interfacing mean 3D materials aren’t nearly as clunky or resource exhausting as they used to be. 3D design and use can still be a lot of work, so incorporating it into a blog, even one as easy to customize as a WordPress blog, might be beyond the ability of some bloggers.

With something as easily customizable and interactive as web design, it’s no surprise how many rising trends there are when it comes to WordPress blogs. WordPress is a great foundation for all sorts of blog designs and uses, and their theme structure is vast and as involved or basic as the designer needs. Even someone with basic knowledge of web design can make a pretty decent WordPress blog, but that alone won’t generate views. Keeping tabs on rising trends is different from having the skills to utilize those trends, but both bloggers and web designers often work closely together. That’s why it’s important for both to be aware of the trends so that when it comes time to revamp or build a new site, both the blogger and the designer know what’s going on and how to keep viewership high and blog interaction competitive. 
If you ever find yourself struggling to implement these design predictions onto your website, you can always hire web design services to help you out. Or, you can read more online about how web design services go about achieving a high-traffic website.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels