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Planning To Purchase A Healing Crystal Soon? Here Are Some Important Factors To Consider First

Planning To Purchase A Healing Crystal Soon? Here Are Some Important Factors To Consider First

Published by Programme B

Some people find the idea of using crystals intimidating and odd. Although crystal healing can seem a bit confusing and outdated, it’s one of the simplest things to begin. Working with crystals helps you to fine-tune your energy as well as the energies around you for a variety of reasons.

Think of it as a cosmic USB. Crystals are designed by nature to take on, store, and transfer information and have even found a place in modern science. The “Superman Memory Crystal” is a tiny disk, infused with quartz, that stores up to 360 terabytes of data without tarnishing over time.

Crystals can be programmed, also referred to as “attuned”, to receive, absorb, and transfer emotions for a variety of purposes. It can promote wisdom, love, wellness, or even prosperity all depending on the crystal you use.

How To Select the Right Crystals for You?

The process of choosing a crystal can be overwhelming, especially since there are so many options out there at different price points that one doesn’t even know where to begin.

Crystal healers and those familiar with crystals will often say that the crystal chooses you, not the other way around. It is advisable to choose your crystal in person. Let your intuition guide you in the selection process. Walk over to the crystals and feel with your being. Don’t be embarrassed to touch and hold stones to see how they make you feel.

Consider your intentions. A few points to consider are what you would like to use a crystal for, do you have a physical or emotional response to a certain stone, are you feeling tranquil, energized, etc. Keep in mind that there is no hierarchy of divination tools and that it is most important to choose what tantalizes your soul above anything else.

If you have to purchase a crystal online make sure to extensively research the intrinsic properties of the crystals. Find the mineral that best suits your intention and match its function to your manifestation. Below are a few choices for those beginning their crystal journey.


A Few Crystal Options

Remember, cost shouldn’t be prohibitive. If you purchase your crystals wholesale or from honest retailers as opposed to high-margin, lifestyle brands, you are more likely to find incredible deals and less likely to encounter fakes.

Clear Quartz

This is number one on anyone’s list and should be cheap due to its plentiful nature. Known as the “Master Healer” of crystals it is both powerful and versatile and easily absorbs frequencies to easily magnify your intentions. It can be used for healing or even to simply increase the positive vibrations around and within you.


A less well-known option, but definitely on the rise is an amazing stone that can be used in a variety of ways. The number one use of raw moldavite is for psychic defense and is an excellent stone for meditation. During meditation, it can guide the vision of its wearer and open the mind for the awareness of the world. It is also great for emotional healing and works well when paired with quartz and any other grounding stones.


This distinctive crystal is known for its beautiful purple hue and spiritual properties. Like moldavite, it helps one tap into their psychic capabilities and access a higher state of consciousness. It also offers protection and clears a space of negative energies.

Rose Quartz

This mineral symbolizes love and harmony and can be used for welcoming new love into your life. Whether this is self-love, new romance, or easing existing relationship troubles, its soothing powers encourage us to open our hearts, embrace passion, celebrate intimacy, and open us up to love.


Citrine has a beautiful honey golden hue. In the same way, it mirrors the color of the sun, it has an energy that is optimistic, creative, and prosperous: When infused with sunlight this mineral is a powerful manifestation tool. It can radiate your intentions, taking them to a new intensity, transforming your dreams into reality.

Black Tourmaline

Hiring a bodyguard probably isn’t in your monthly budget. Consider black tourmaline for your protector. Considered a powerful mineral, black tourmaline is a dynamic force field protector as it absorbs the negative energy around and within you and emits positive vibrations.

You have to reset your crystal’s vibrations. Cleanse it by washing it with clean water, or smudging it. When it is cleansed, hold it in your hands, close your eyes, and speak your intention. Visualize your goals and repeat your manifestation.

I hope this has been insightful and that you are a little more confident on your crystal journey.