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Key Fashion Trends of Summer 2021

Key Fashion Trends of Summer 2021

Published by Programme B

As we all know, almost every field was influenced by a worldwide crisis during last year, even fashion. That’s why most people suspected that 2021 would be a massive comeback of bold fashion trends. Designers worked hard the whole year at homes, many away from their studios, to present new, surprising collections. 

Right now, everything is slowly coming back to normal, and we can watch many fashion shows around the world. Below, you will find the most exciting and popular fashion trends of summer 2021.


Trend #1: Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses were all over the place last year, but designers will focus on making them even more stylish and unique this year. Another interesting thing to note is that maxi dresses will be even more colorful than they used to be. We already saw some of them on the catwalks in Paris, London, and New York.

These dresses are specially designed for summer, so you should consider buying one of them. You can easily do it by doing a quick Google search. Additionally, if you want to save some money, you can look for discount codes on sites like Tripplo UK.

Trend #2: Headscarves

In 2019, headscarves became very popular all around the world. Designers made numerous scarves and added them to almost every outfit. And in 2021, headscarves will continue to be a big thing.

This time, we will see more vintage headscarves, which have a fascinating look to them. These scarves are going to be shorter and fuller than they used to be. If you wish to look fancy this summer, consider buying a headscarf yourself.

Trend #3: Fringe Bags

Fringe is probably one of the most popular trends when it comes to handbags. It’s been a big trend for a while now, and it looks like we’re going to see a lot of fringe bags in the next few years.

Many designers already released new models, confirming the popularity of fringe bags. The main change we expect to see is more colorful fringe bags, including red, pink, yellow, and blue bags.

Trend #4: Boho-Chic

Boho-chic was one of the biggest trends in fashion back in 2019, and we can see that some designers will focus on it, even more, this year. The thing that they want to emphasize is the print used on the clothing. This way, they want to create a unique boho-chic look, which will look great on summer days. The pattern on the clothes this year will likely be inspired by nature, including leaves, flowers, grass, or birds. 

Trend #5: Safari Prints

Safari prints are going to be one of the most popular prints this summer. It’s been a big trend for a while now, but designers will focus on creating even more innovative designs this summer.

One thing we noticed is many people wearing clothes with zebra prints on them. If you want to make a bold statement with your clothing, you should definitely consider buying something with this print.

Trend #6: Denim Dresses

Denim dresses have proven to be very popular in recent years, and designers will keep on focusing on them this year as well. With many new denim dress designs being released in recent months, they look like they’re going to become even more popular than before.

Trend #7: Large Handbags

Handbags will also be a big thing this summer. It’s a given because the handbag is one of the essential accessories for every woman. Designers told us that they want to see more large handbags inspired by the 90s. It means that we will see many handbags with shoulder straps and very spacious interiors.

Trend #8: Short Shorts

It seems that 2021 is a huge comeback year for short shorts. To help people feel comfortable in the heat, designers created garments that did not require much fabric and focused on creating mini-skirts and shorts. Wearing short shorts is an excellent way to combat the heat in style.

Trend #9: Draped pants

Draped pants had their peak in the late 2000s. We believed that this trend would be gone forever, but designers decided to change our minds. They presented a new version of this trend accompanied by a lot of oversized coats and scarves. This look was very comfortable and stylish at the same time.


As you can see, many exciting things are happening in the fashion world right now. The return of boho-chic style, denim dresses, and headscarves are among the biggest trends in the fashion industry. And we’re sure that the rest of this year will be inspiring as well.

If you want to make a bold statement with your clothing, you should consider buying something with these trends. Numerous designers have already proved them, and we think they will be even more popular with time. So, if you want to be stylish and unique, all you need to do is go out there and buy something!

Photo by Jaspereology from Pexels