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What Are The Different Types Of Necklace Chains?

What Are The Different Types Of Necklace Chains?

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A chain is a fashion statement that never goes out of style. No matter what era you look into, you will find a different kind of chain necklace that men and women used as jewelry. Different parts of the world have different types of chains that are now famous across the globe for their beauty and durability. Even though there are countless varieties of ornamental chains in the world, here are the top 22 that you need to know about:

#1 Cable Chain:

A cable link chain is the most common type of chain used by both men and women. It is made of several oval or round pieces of wire that are linked together. This type of chain is ideal for pairing with different kinds of pendants.

#2 Ball or Bead Chain:

A ball or bead chain is made up of several metal balls that are linked together using dumbbell links. These metal alls are hollow from the inside, which makes the chain pretty lightweight.

#3 Box Chain:

A box chain is a contemporary style chain that has closely packed cube-shaped links joined together. This chain is also famously known as a Venetian chain that is perfect for heavier pendants and several charms.

#4 Rolo Chain:

A rolo chain is made up of equally sized round metal rings. These metal rings are thicker than the ones used in cable link chains. This chain is also known as the belcher chain, named after the famous boxer Jem Belcher.

#5 Curb Chain:

A curb link chain is designed with tightly enclosed, oval-shaped links that are twisted and then flattened on the top. This design makes them sit flat on the wearer’s neck. These chains are usually worn as they are but can also be paired with heavy pendants.

#6 Byzantine Chain:

A byzantine chain is made using an ancient criss-cross design that shows the intricacy and finesse of their work. This chain has a heavier weight and drapes beautifully on the wearer’s neck.

#7 Braided Chain:

A braided chain features three simple chains braided together to form one chain. This kind of chain is made to wear without a pendant. You can also find twisted braided chains that have a richer texture.

#8 Rope Chain:

A rope chain is made up of oval metal loops that are diagonally interlinked tightly. This style gives the chain an appearance of a rope. It is one of the most popular kinds of chains among rap and hip-hop artists.

#9 Mariner Chain:

A Marnier chain has oval loops that are linked together to form a beautiful draping chain. Each oval has a bar in the center for extra support. It is also known as an Anchor chain which is one of the strongest necklace chain type.

#10 Figaro Chain:

A Figaro chain features three small circular links that are followed by an elongated oval link. This variation in the size of the links gives it a beautiful appearance, ideal for gifts and ceremonies.

#11 Snake Chain:

A snake chain is a round chain that uses tiny pellets of metal linked together tightly. These chains look like a snake and bend beautifully, hence the name; Snake chain.

#12 Cuban Chain:

A Cuban chain is a type of curb chain with thicker oval or round links tightly closed together. The chain has a flattened pattern because of tight interlocking. Rappers mostly wear it to show off their wealth and status. You can now easily find men’s Cuban link chains on the Internet.

#13 Singapore Chain:

A Singapore chain is a curb chain that is twisted to give it the appearance of a rope chain. It is made up of thin metal wires and is used to display traditional pedants. This kind of chain can also be worn with small charms daily.

#14 Herringbone Chain:

A herringbone chain is an ancient Egyptian design that lays flat on the wearer’s skin. It is made up of tightly interlinked metal herringbone shapes, which give it a flat surface and a beautiful drape.

#15 Franco Chain:

A Franco chain is named after an Italian designer who first made this chain. This chain is majorly inspired by the Cuban chain. However, the links have a 3D V shape instead of being oval or round.

#16 Milano Chain:

A Milano chain has one round and one elongated oval link that is joined together at looped into each other. This chain is not only beautiful but also quite strong.

#17 Foxtail Chain:

A foxtail chain has two chains combined that feature oval or round-shaped links in a V formation. These ovals are linked together in the center using small rings that hold the chain together.

#18 Heart Chain:

A heart chain features small metal hearts throughout the body of the chain. These 3D hearts are joined together with small links that give the chain mobility and a beautiful drape. This chain is ideal for teenage or young adult girls.

#19 Popcorn Chain:

A popcorn chain is also known as the Coreana chain, which originated in Italy. This modern-looking chain has concave-shaped links that join together to give this chained a gathered, 3d appearance like popcorn.

#20 Wheat Chains:

A wheat chain or a Spiga chain is made up of four rows of oval links twisted together tightly. It has a 3D wheat kernel appearance which gives it the name of a wheat chain.

#21 Valentino Chain:

A Valentino chain is much like a Marnier chain. Instead, it has a chunkier block of metal in the middle of each link instead of a bar. This chain is flat and lightweight.

#22 Rosary Chain:

A rosary chain is shaped like a rosary with medium-sized metal beads linked together with small loops. There is a big bead at the end of the chain where a Cross pendant is attached.

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