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Élisabeth Pierre, author of the Guide Hachette Bières, journalist and editor of the Bières & Mets magazine

Élisabeth Pierre, author of the Guide Hachette Bières, journalist and editor of the Bières & Mets magazine

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What were the challenges for your business in 2021?

The year 2021, following the year 2020 of confinement, saw the gradual resumption of on-site professional training (after a year of video training!) And the continuation of the Bières et Mets magazine.

The first challenge was to adapt to the demand of breweries and catering professionals, two categories of professionals impacted in very different ways during the previous months.

The second big challenge was to continue the print edition of my Bières & Mets magazine after a long period of total absence from festivals – my business model was mainly based on these festivals. It is both a high-end collectible print journal and an online journal. The two versions are complementary.

The challenge for 2021 is the development of subscribers and places of broadcasting. Ambassador places: breweries, bars, hotels and restaurants, cellars and delicatessens, bookstores, and places dedicated to brewing workshops.

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What are your upcoming projects for your business in 2022?

The year 2022 will be the year of 2 new books on beer:
– The Hachette Beer Guide 2022 edition (publication early 2022)
– The women of beer

In addition, Special Beer & Food “regions here and elsewhere” are planned. The first will be dedicated to the Bourgogne Franche Comté region as part of the bicentenary of the birth of Louis Pasteur.

These publications anchor the Bières & Mets magazine even more in the promotion of territories, trades and know-how, and brewing and culinary tourism.

Bierissima is a company created by Élisabeth Pierre, dedicated to the promotion and transmission of beer and gastronomic culture.
It publishes the Bières & Mets magazine, produces the “Bières & Chefs” series as well as the “Irrésistibles” podcast dedicated to female professions. It also publishes educational and fun publications around the world on beer and cooking.

Élisabeth Pierre is a professional trainer in Beer Sommellerie and expert referent in several establishments including:
– Suze La Rousse Wine University, Sensory Analysis training, Sommellerie, Beer tasting
– The University of La Rochelle DU brewer
– The Enilbio in Poligny
– The IUT of Avignon
– The international Sommelier Bières Doemens training.

She is a resource person for the media and players in the beer and catering industry in France and internationally.
Élisabeth Pierre created the Cercle Bierissima almost 10 years ago, a French-speaking professional network for exchanges and mutual assistance for women in beer-related professions. Among the actions put in place, collective brews, training, seminars, and conferences as well as a collaborative information space.


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