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The Very Best in Regulated Gambling Available in Ontario

The Very Best in Regulated Gambling Available in Ontario

Published by Programme B

Gambling is a serious business all over the world. However, Ontario seems to take the business of gambling  to a whole new level with Powerplay Ontario. The province is home to some incredible gambling opportunities. 

Ontario’s Gambling Regulations and Laws 

Ontario is located in a country that has some very liberal gambling regulations and laws. While there is occasionally some controversy surrounding these laws, citizens and visitors alike can benefit from them.

Online gambling is now a big business in this part of the world, and it’s a thriving industry that is going from strength to strength. 

For example, CasinoSource Ontario has blossomed in recent years, as have many other online casinos. This could be because there are very few laws surrounding online gambling. Or it could be because online gambling in Ontario is very safe. 

Whatever the cause may be, online gambling is here to stay. 


Online Gambling and its Legality 

There are many casinos and racetracks around Ontario, which displays how open and legal gambling is. However, it’s not necessarily known just how legal online gambling is. This is because there are few to no laws surrounding it. 

The legality of gambling on a site regulated outside of the country is somewhat unclear. Generally speaking, you’re not breaking any laws as the site is not ‘unregulated’ – merely regulated elsewhere. If you are playing on a Canadian online casino, the casino must be regulated within the province you’re staying in.

Ontario’s Very Best Regulated Gambling 

There are several forms of gambling in Ontario. The very best regulated gambling is comprised of the following:


There are many online casinos in Ontario, most of which are very safe. Some casinos are owned by large companies, others may be loaned by smaller ones, hoping to become a well-known name. 

Online casinos offer a lot of excitement to people all over Ontario. Modern, friendly, and easy to use, they offer a Las Vegas level of excitement that is rarely seen elsewhere. 

Charitable Gambling

There are some charitable gambling sites. Sites such as these, tend to include bingo and other games that raise money for charity. Bingo is one of the largest generators of gaming revenue in the whole of Ontario. 

Horse Racing

Many types of horse racing such as Quarter Horse, Standardbred, and Thoroughbred are found throughout the country. However, they were withdrawn in 2013, and since then there has been a large revenue drop. 

Online horse racing still exists, much to the satisfaction of horse racing fans. The only difference is that the horses and jockeys are not real. The races are very realistic, however, and the computer determines the winner and adds a lot to the excitement. 


The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission governs the national lottery. With the fiscal revenue exceeding $3 billion almost every year, the lottery is more popular than ever. Most people seem to enjoy taking part online thanks to the variety of different lotteries available.

Each lottery has its own jackpot, and each has its own venue, as such. Some lotteries are independent of online casinos, usually owned and operated by the state, whereas others are a vital portion of the host’s business model.

Slot Machines

Slot machines are far-and-away the most popular form of casino entertainment. Not only can you enjoy them in a land-based location, but you can also enjoy them online. Ontario is home to many different online slot machines, each with its own graphics, sounds, and levels of difficulty.

If you want to enjoy a spot of regulated gambling, head to the online slots. Any money that you win on a slot machine is 100% yours. This is because the province of Ontario does not ask you to pay tax on your winnings. 

You could have a great day at the slots and keep every cent that you win. 

Sports Betting 

Sports betting is here to stay, but there could be a few changes taking place. At the time of writing, gamblers were only allowed to bet on a minimum of 3 games. This could change to individual games in future. 

If these changes were permitted, it’s likely there would be a lot of money at stake on individual games. Online casinos could really benefit from this as it could make those big money games even more exciting. 

The Safety of Regulated Online Casinos 

Online casinos in Ontario are known to be very safe. The vast majority tend to be run by the government or by local gambling committees – some online casinos are run in part by both players. 

Many of Ontario’s citizens do also make use of casino sites that do not originate in Canada. Many of these sites are fortunately just as safe as Canadian sites – this is thanks to the strict regulation and legislation revolving around gambling in much of the world. Just ensure that those sites are regulated by a recognized and reputable authority, such as the UKGC or the Malta Gambling Authority.

Ontario is home to a lot of regulated gambling. Safe and easy to use, it ensures that everyone that visits has an enjoyable time. While no casino is there to guarantee you a win – it would, after all, be an awful business model – you should always feel safe while you play.

Photo by Kamal Dagher from Pexels