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What Is the Ask Fedor Poker Hand Analysis Feature?

What Is the Ask Fedor Poker Hand Analysis Feature?

Published by Leonardo Calcagno

In casinos like Vulkan Vegas, you can play poker online. As you know, you need a strategy to succeed, as poker is not a game of chance but a game of skill. It takes time to master the game, so it is just apt that help from a computer is much appreciated, and this is where the Fedor Hand Analysis feature comes in. 

 What is the Ask Fedor Poker Hand Analysis? 

It is a feature where a player could ask an AI to analyze previous hands that have already been played. The AI will then suggest how the player could have better played the hands he had. Ask Fedor is a system created in consultation with Fedor Holz, a poker whiz who won several WSOP bracelets.

The intent is to help players become better and then move their games to the next level. The AI will help bridge the gap between the casual and the professional player. Upon prolonged use, the casual player can expect to become better to such an extent that he can play against the professionals.

The AI is a machine learning algorithm that learns as it goes. It was built around the Prometheus AI tool. The tool not only provides feedback to the player but also gives the player’s previous hands a rating between 1 and 5. 

From here, the player will get a recommendation on how he could have handled the hand in relation to the flop, river and turn. Over time, the player should experience an improved gaming experience. There is also an expectation for the player to become better.

Players can ask the system for advice. Right now, the only type of poker that the system specializes in is Texas Hold’em. It works on both cash and tournament games. In the future, the creators are thinking of expanding the menu to other poker variants.

Who is Fedor Holz?

Fedor is a German poker champ. Many poker fans already know him. He won two WSOP bracelets and has $32.7 million in total winnings—only for live tournaments. As of the moment, Fedor is the Global Ambassador of GGPoker. Since all poker players, including professionals, need guidance, GGPoker and Fedor decided to build the AI. 

Ask Fedor will analyze the hands in real time. Fedor said that he was part of the team that developed the AI. He gave feedback to them, so pretty much, the AI may think like him.

According to Fedor, one of the most important aspects of AI is the depth of service that it provides to the players. He believes that the tool will improve a player’s poker knowledge significantly. He also added that the AI is an addition to a player’s tool.

How Much Does Ask Fedor Cost? 

As of the time of release, all GGPoker players have five free “Asks.” They can use these Asks at any time they log in and play. Once depleted, the players need to buy more. The cost is based on packages, which means that players cannot buy one Ask at a time. The packages are shown below: 

  • Basic – costs $29.99 per month, and the player will get 30 Asks in a month.
  • Standard – costs 99.99 per month, and the player gets 120 asks per month.
  • Premium – costs $199.99 per month, and the player gets unlimited Asks.

Whatever package a player buys, he will receive a discount of 50%. According to Fedor, there is no such thing as a perfect poker player. Every poker player is curious as to how he could have better played his hand.

In these packages, VIP games are not part of the first two. Only the Premium package covers the VIP games.  A VIP game is described as one where the stakes are at least $25/$50 in terms of blinds. Games in tournaments where the buy-in equals at least $5,000 are also part of the VIP games.

How Do the Hints Work? 

To use the hints, the player has to go to his hand history. From here, there is a replay button. Then, the player must click on Ask Fedor. Then, the AI will produce an analysis. 

Not all hands can be analyzed. For example, if a player straddles, which means that a player doubles the big blind before the cards are dealt, the AI cannot give an analysis to it. 

Is the tool too expensive? 

No, not really. While some people may gripe at the $200 price tag for unlimited asks, it is better than getting an online course about playing poker. In an online course, one will pay hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars for a few videos. These players cannot even ask questions from the trainer. All they will learn are theories. Then, they are left on their own.  

With Ask Fedor, the AI will answer questions from real scenarios. Well, these are not questions, but the AI will provide an analysis of how the player could have played his hands better.


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