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Online Betting: Promising Offers You Need To Know About

Online Betting: Promising Offers You Need To Know About

Published by Allen Brown

Betting online can be very lucrative, as long as you know what you are doing. One way of increasing your chances of winning (or at least reducing the amount of your own money that you have to spend) is to make use of offers. Offers are given to people in order to encourage them to then spend their money, once they have spent the house’s.

There are many different types of offers, or bonuses, that you need to know about. This post will tell you about some of the most promising of them.

Cash Bonuses

Cash bonuses are, for obvious reasons, the most popular type of bonus that casinos give players. These bonuses are paid directly into players’  casino accounts. However, they cannot be withdrawn until the full amount has been spent, and the player has won more than the bonus amount. Such rules have been introduced in order to prevent people from manipulating bonus systems and stealing money from casinos. The good thing about cash bonuses is that they can be used on all games, which gives you more control over what you play. When you use free spins, for example, you can only use slot games. Cash bonuses enable you to play anything. One thing to note though is that some casinos won’t give you favorable odds on the games that you play if you are playing with their money.


Cashback help people avoid losing lots of money. Many casinos have cashback bonus opportunities, so definitely consider looking for such bonuses. If you are not familiar with cashback as a concept in gambling, then it is when a casino refunds a person’s money after they place a losing bet. Not all casinos do offer them, though. If you are relying on cashback offers, then before playing, take your time and confirm that the casino you are playing on does indeed offer them. More often than not, these refunds are made over a period of time, rather than all at once, and only a percentage of a person’s losses are given back to them.

Free Spins

Free spins are by far the most common type of casino bonus, offered by most gaming sites. As mentioned in the previous section, when you are given free spins, you are only able to play slot games. More often than not, you are not allowed to spin over a certain amount when playing with free spins (i.e., you can’t spin anything over $0.50). Such limitations are imposed in order to prevent people from profiting too much.  Despite this, you can still earn a lot of money playing with free spins.

Sports Bets

Another type of bonus (though usually restricted to sports betting sites instead of online casinos) is a free bet or a number of free bets. Free bets are not the same as cash bonuses. Usually, free bets can only be placed on specific games, and are limited to a fixed amount. Also, you sometimes have to make a deposit before you can get a free bet, but again, this is not to be confused with deposit matching, which will be explored in the next section. Before betting on any sport, do as much research into it as you can.

Deposit Matches

Deposit matching is a type of promotional offer that’s becoming a lot more common, mainly due to the rise of matched betting. Deposit matching is when the casino you are playing with doubles the amount of money you deposit, usually only on your first deposit. There is a limit to deposit matching, too. You are not able to deposit over a certain amount (or there is a limit to how much the casino will give you). Deposit matching is definitely something that’s worth exploring if you do plan on depositing and playing with your own money, rather than just the houses.

Matched Betting

Matched betting is a method of online gambling that’s risen in popularity recently. In fact, it is arguably one of the most popular techniques. It involves only using bonuses to gamble, meaning that the individual practicing this technique never actually spends any of their own money. However, once you make an account with a casino and get a bonus, you aren’t able to do it again. So, if you plan on taking this style up, you need to play strategically, and make as much as possible. If you lose everything, you may be unable to get any more bonuses.

Online betting is a great way to make money. Bonuses, in particular, are worth exploring. Making use of bonuses can be a highly effective way of earning a profit without ever spending any of your own money. You can only access them once though unless they are loyalty bonuses.