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The Best Big Cities for Airbnb Business in Canada

The Best Big Cities for Airbnb Business in Canada

Published by Leonardo Calcagno


Toronto, the largest city in Canada, serves as a prime location for Airbnb investors, drawn by its international appeal and economic robustness. Annually, the city welcomes over 27 million visitors, showcasing attractions from the renowned CN Tower to the dynamic Caribana festival. As a major economic hub, Toronto appeals to both business and leisure travelers, maintaining a consistent need for short-term accommodations throughout the year. This active market is supported by an extensive transportation system that facilitates easy exploration of the city for visitors. Furthermore, Toronto’s diverse neighborhoods present a variety of cultural experiences that can be leveraged to appeal to a broad spectrum of Airbnb clientele. MasterHost offers specialized management services and insights in Toronto to help maximize investment returns in this vibrant market.

Best Cities for Airbnb Investments in Canada


Toronto, Canada’s largest city, is a beacon for Airbnb investors due to its global allure and economic vitality. The city’s diverse attractions range from the iconic CN Tower to vibrant cultural festivals like Caribana. Toronto’s status as an economic powerhouse attracts business travelers and tourists alike, ensuring a year-round demand for short-term rentals. Investors can take advantage of this bustling market, bolstered by a sophisticated transport network, making it easy for guests to explore the city. Additionally, Toronto’s multicultural neighborhoods offer varied experiences that can be marketed to attract a wide range of Airbnb users. For comprehensive management solutions in Toronto (, MasterHost provides expert guidance and services.


Ottawa is not just the political heart of Canada but also a center for cultural activities and international events, contributing to its stable demand for accommodations. Its landmarks, including Parliament Hill, the National Gallery of Canada, and the annual Tulip Festival, draw considerable tourist attention. The city’s diverse visitor base, from diplomats to large school groups, ensures that rental demand remains consistent throughout the year. Ottawa’s Airbnb market benefits from legislative stability and a welcoming attitude towards short-term rentals, making it an ideal environment for investment. Information on capitalizing on this market can be found at MasterHost (


Vancouver’s scenic views and outdoor recreational opportunities make it a top tourist destination and an advantageous spot for Airbnb investments. The city’s appeal is magnified by its mild climate and attractions like Stanley Park and Granville Island. Vancouver hosts numerous international events, including the renowned Vancouver Film Festival, which draws a global audience. The city’s real estate market is competitive, but the high rate of tourism can lead to significant returns on investment in the Airbnb sector. Vancouver’s progressive stance on short-term rentals and high tourism rates make it a lucrative market for potential investors. More details are available at MasterHost.


Montreal is renowned for its vibrant arts scene, world-class festivals like the Jazz Festival, and historic architecture. This city combines old-world charm with contemporary culture, attracting cultural aficionados and leisure travelers. Montreal’s diverse neighborhoods, such as the trendy Plateau Mont-Royal or the historic Old Port, offer unique stays for Airbnb guests. The city’s bilingual character increases its appeal to both English and French-speaking tourists, expanding the potential customer base. The thriving cultural scene and continuous influx of tourists make Montreal a promising city for Airbnb investments.

Quebec City

As one of North America’s oldest cities, Quebec City offers a European escape with its cobblestone streets, fortified colonial core, and dramatic river views. It’s trendy during winter when the city transforms into a snowy wonderland, highlighted by events like the Winter Carnival. Quebec City’s historical significance and unique French culture make it a distinctive choice for travelers seeking a different experience. The demand for authentic and picturesque accommodations boosts the short-term rental market, making Quebec City desirable for Airbnb investments.

The Canadian cities listed offer diverse and robust opportunities for Airbnb investors. Each city not only presents its unique attractions and tourist demographics but also shows potential for high returns on investment due to its popularity and varied visitor interests. By focusing on these cities, Airbnb hosts can leverage their distinct characteristics to attract a broad audience, from adventure seekers in Vancouver to history buffs in Quebec City, thereby maximizing occupancy rates and profitability.


Investing in Airbnb properties within these premier Canadian cities can be extremely rewarding, thanks to their strong appeal to tourists and robust market demands. Each city possesses distinct features that draw a diverse group of travelers, positioning them as superior options for individuals aiming to initiate or grow their Airbnb operations. By adopting an informed strategy and gaining a deep understanding of the local market conditions, investors can significantly enhance their earnings and achieve success in the flourishing vacation rental sector.

Investors and hosts interested in tapping into these profitable markets will find these cities advantageous as they embark on or expand their short-term rental ventures. Whether one is purchasing a property or beginning their Airbnb enterprise, these locations offer the perfect groundwork to explore the opportunities present within Canada’s Airbnb marketplace.