According to the latest global industry analyses by Transparency Market Research "The global kombucha market is expected to experience significant growth throughout the forecast period from 2015 to 2021. The rising awareness among the consumers about the benefits of this drink is a primary factor contributing in the growth of this market. In addition to this, kombucha market is the fastest-growing market in the functional beverages category.  Increasing health concerns and changing lifestyle are some of the factors driving the market for kombucha." 

In local markets like Canada, we have seen an increase of new companies and an urgent need to grow very fast before big companies, like  PepsiCo's KeVita starts its expansion. 

In our kombucha Hub: we have interviewed kombucha companies from all over the world and talk about their local scene, trends, brand image, their passion and much more. 

Fixes x Baron:

-  Kombucha companies should get together, locally and internationally, and help each other with distribution, sales and co-op marketing. The only way to go against big marketing budgets and distribution giants.

- Branding: we see a lot of companies doing an amazing job when it comes to branding but many companies need to start working on a cleaner message to get customers. 


* In our French site, we have a Québec kombucha HUB at baronmag.com 

** If you own a kombucha company and want to tell your story, please contact us at [email protected]

Image: flickr.com/nanpalmero (Nan Palmero)

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